Biotechnology Master’s Program Forms

Haoyue Shua

Haoyue Shuai completing BIOT 5990 in the Department of Biostatistics at the Perelman School of Medicine at Penn.

Please click the link below for the form you need and save the .pdf file to your computer. You will then be able to fill out the form as a pdf on your computer. You will not be able to fill out the form from the website. Please follow all instructions listed on the form itself.

Advising Form for Course Approval

Each semester students will need to fill out an advising form. Students will need to submit the form to the Google Form in the MBIOT Student Resources folder by the first day of Advance Registration.

BIOT 5990: Independent Study registration
Many students are interested in doing practical work in addition to their classroom based studies and we fully encourage students to do so. It is the student’s responsibility to locate a project and follow the instructions for registration and grading. An independent study project may be done on campus at one of our many labs or off campus at perhaps a biotech or pharmaceutical company. Students cannot be paid for their work for an independent study. The total maximum credit allowed of independent study for the degree is 3.0 credit units.

International Students can only complete 1 CU of BIOT 5990 off campus and must also register with ISSS for CPT ( after registration is complete for BIOT 5990. They must also be on the Molecular track. If students are interested in completing 2 CU of BIOT 5990 off campus, they may speak to their advisor to petition for an exception. However, if they wish do to a 3rd CU, that must be on campus without exception.

You will be given further, detailed instructions upon submission of your form.

Kun Yun Chose

Kun Yun completing BIOT 5990 at the Wistar Institute.

Lab Requirement Waiver
Students who feel they have a significant amount of prior laboratory experience are welcome to request a waiver of the requirement. An approved lab waiver means the student does not have to take a lab course. Students must however, still earn the required 11 credit units for the degree. The form asks for a replacement course which must be from SEAS, SAS, or SOM and 5000 level or higher.

School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) Forms

Forms that are overseen and approved by the SEAS Academic Programs Office (APO) are listed on the link above. Commonly used forms by the Biotechnology Students are:

  • Transfer of Credit Petition
    Use for courses taken at another college or university or courses taken at Penn prior to enrollment in the Biotechnology Master’s Program. 
  • Application for Master’s graduation
    All students must submit this form in the term in which they plan to complete their degree to begin the graduation process.
  • Petition for Action
    Used most commonly to request a leave of absence and return for leave.
  • Request for a Letter
    Requests for a letter to confirm enrollment, student status, etc. must be submitted using this form.

SEAS CPT EAS8970 Instructions and Form
International students can only complete one CPT with EAS8970 as the “course registration” for your transcript. EAS8970 is usually completed over the Summer term. EAS8970 does not carry tuition and it does not count towards the degree. Please see the link for more instructions and the form.