Flexibility for Part time and Full time Students

working under fume hood

Attractive to both full and part time students, this program thrives on the interaction of students from diverse backgrounds. Penn appreciates how the practical experience of working professionals enriches the classroom and recognizes the challenge these students undertake balancing work and school. Due to VISA & Immigration rules, International Students must maintain full-time status with their courses.

If you are already working, several class scheduling features can help you maintain your daytime occupation while advancing your career through study. These features include:

  • Late afternoon and early evening classes minimize the disruption of your workday. Several courses are taught in the late afternoon so you can work in the morning and take classes in the afternoon or evening.
  • Ability to pace your course load to your work schedule. Full-time students can complete this program in one year (Fall, Spring, Summer). Part time students usually finish in two to three years.

Please view our Curriculum overview page and the University Registrar’s Course Roster page to view course times for the courses listed on our curriculum page.


Those interested in the program who have questions, we invite you to email us at biotech@seas.upenn.edu.