Location in a Strong Biotechnology Sector

Philly skyline wide

Penn’s location is geographically ideal for a biotechnology program as the University of Pennsylvania is based in Philadelphia, but New York City and Washington, DC are just a short train ride away. The Philadelphia area is home to many of the largest pharmaceutical firms, including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson/Centocor, Cephalon, Wyeth, Merck, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. DuPont, one of the world’s biggest chemical companies is active in both medical and agricultural biotechnology. Also, Philadelphia is one of the top three biotechnology hubs in the U.S. Over 70 biotechnology startups exist within a 50-mile radius of Penn’s campus. Location in this strong biotechnology sector gives you:

  • Good employment opportunities in biotechnology. Both as a student and as a graduate, you will find many jobs where you can apply your biotechnology knowledge. To help develop this program and for continued input, Penn assembled a working group of local companies. The working group includes staff members from companies such as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline, Wyeth-Ayerst, DuPont, and Neose. The input from these companies provides a strong industrial basis for the Program, and an avenue for employing future graduates of the Program.